People-centered, rights based systems and services

Our health system and services must be people centered. A human rights based and people centered approach is essential to the creation, provision, regulation and evaluation of healthcare services and should include the rights to self-determination, autonomy, privacy, access to information, the right to full participation in social, cultural and political life and the right to social and economic development and the right to freedom of expression.

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People-centered: Our Demands

Our demands:

  • Training of healthcare practitioners, decision-makers and policy-makers in providing services and establishing policies that are people-centered and respond to the needs of individuals regardless of their background, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or source of income and that recognises or applies:
    • Gender-affirming care in all healthcare facilities
    • The knowledge of each patient about their own bodies
    • The patient rights’ to choose
    • The patient rights’ to autonomy
    • The patient rights’ to privacy
    • Respect of the various and diverse sexual lives and expressions of patients including sex work
    • A rights-based outreach strategy to marginalised communities that encourages health seeking behaviours
  • Develop approaches and strategies that address patriarchy and other forms of oppression including through ensuring women and youth leadership in HIV interventions
  • Explicit targets, indicators and investments must be made in the development agenda that prioritises human rights, social, economic and health needs of key populations, marginalised groups especially women, youth and adolescents
  • Accountability and oversight mechanism: programs, individual health care providers and institutions should be evaluated through user feedback paying particular attention to obtaining feedback from members of marginalised communities.
  • Policy makers: compliance with international standards, drafting of policies that are participatory