Meaningful and democratic leadership and participation

Nothing for us, without us. Everyone has the right to participate in healthcare governance and decision-making processes. National and regional healthcare governance frameworks must be open, inclusive, accountable, transparent and collaborative. Decision-making processes, in particular in local clinics and health services, must be participative and democratic, and must foster the involvement of all who will be affected by these processes, and in particular of key populations and marginalised people.

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Participation: Our Demands

Our Demands:

  • Establishment of participatory democracy processes in decision-making instances around local health services that put at the center of its practice people before religious and state institutions.
  • Civil society organisations and key populations networks must mobilise and strengthen the capabilities of communities to integrate health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Civil society organisations and key population networks must build alliances with all sectors of society including the women’s movements, health and social justice activists, trade unions, student groups, academics and other progressive movements and constituencies to drive state and regional agendas towards access to health for key populations and marginalised people.
  • Ensure proper representation and meaningful engagement and participation of civil society groups, key populations, people living with HIV and AIDS, youth, adolescents and citizens in policy formulation and the implementation of healthcare services.
  • The WHO and UNAIDS should stop the implementation and elaboration of narrowly focused vertical programmes and include non-priority countries in the 3X5 intiative
  • The creation of autonomous spaces for key populations and marginalised groups free from neo-liberal paternalistic own agenda-driven involvement of international organisations and funders
  • Genuine intergenerational and cross sector partnerships in research in an equitable, dignifying and beneficial manner that guarantees community ownership