Information is power. Information on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, pleasure, safe abortion for all, including information on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression and sex work must be unrestricted and available to all. We acknowledge the regulation and the censorship of information related to sexuality by state and non-state actors as the expression of patriarchy and policing of women’s and non-normative people’s lives. The right to control the disclosure or nondisclosure of one’s personal data and information must be universal to all patients and seekers of health services. The confidentiality, privacy and anonymity of all people must be guaranteed by all health practitioners, decision-makers and policy-makers.

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Information: Our Demands

Our Demands:

  • Health practitioners, in collaboration with marginalised people and key populations, must produce and broadcast objective educational materials based on reliable data and research, including rights-based materials that address sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. These materials must inform comprehensive sexuality education curricula aimed at children, teenagers and adults. Materials must reflect the national diversity of languages and contexts of the intended audiences.
  • Programmes must be developed on life skills education and women’s health empowerment
  • The knowledge and the resources produced by key populations networks and collectives of marginalised people must be acknowledged, integrated and used in information and education materials aimed at the general public
  • The confidentiality, privacy, anonymity, safety and security of data of patients and seekers of health services must be protected from corporate and state surveillance
  • State and non-state actors must stop all censorship by state and non state actors of comprehensive sexuality education content, sexual and reproductive health and rights content. This censorship endangers lives and the health of all and of the very people it often seeks to protect.